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Welcome to Thailand, the land of Hot Girls! Sririta JensenSririta Jensen Sririta "Rita" Jensen, Thai: ศรีริตา เจนเซ่น, born 27 October 1981 in Thailand, is a Danish-Thai model and actress.

Pinky SavikaPinky Savika Savika Chaiyadej (Thai: สาวิกา ไชยเดช), who goes by the nickname "Pinky", is a Thai soap actress who was born on June 19, 1986. She stars in Dao Pra Sook and Nong Miew Kearl Petch (with Siwat Chotcharin). She is of mixed heritage, including Thai and Indian descent, and is probably also of British, Cambodian, Chinese and Middle-Eastern descent.

Kwan Usamanee VitayanonUsamanee Vitayanon or Kwan (nickname) was born on 3rd March 1988. Kwan is a Thai actress who has starred in many Thai lakorn. She likes to swim, play badmintion and tennis. Her favourite color is Pink.

Priya Suandokmai

Poo Priya Suandokmai aka Praya Loundberg Thai hottie

Priya Suandokmai, nickname Poo, has some funny names. Her last name, Suandokmai, means flower garden. And her nickname, Poo, means crab (actually a fairly common Thai nickname). Regardless of all that she certainly is a hottie. She's been all around the fashion and gossip magazines .

Natthaveeranuch Thongmee ja   ostNatthaveeranuch Thongmee ja ost


Chotiros "Amy" Suriyawong (Thai:"เอ มี่" โชติรส สุริยะวงศ์) is a Thai actress and university student.

Awards Dress Controversy During the 2007 Subhanahongsa Awards on February 17, Chotiros wore a revealing black dress that attracted media attention, proved to be controversial and resulted in Chotiros being disciplined by her university. The ankle length dress had a 3-inch wide front slit held together by seven thin strips of fabric that started at her left hip and curved upward to her cleavage, exposing a significant proportion of the Chotiros' cleavage and left half of her body.

Ann Thongprasom

Ann Thongprasom (Thai: แอน ทองประสม, b. November 1, 1976 in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai film and television actress, hostess and a producer.

# Thailand is not only known for its beautiful and unique places to visit, it is also known for its beautiful women, caring and easy on the eyes. They are dedicated and take care of their body well. They have ambitions, have self confidence yet they value togetherness and family as well..

# Thai actresses are indeed very beautiful and they usually don’t gain much weight as they age. They are nice and funny companions.They’re relatively sophisticated and they are also exposed to Western ways but still they remained traditional honoring their husbands and being faithful and loyal to them. I am discussing their attitudes as beauty is not only physical but the inner beauty counts much.

# These beautiful and sexy Thai actresses are models, actresses and epitome of beauty, they are unique in their own sense as they evoke sensuality and a firm sense of a good acting as well. Beauty and good acting is a good combination and Thai people appreciate that. They are one of the best among Asian women - in terms of beauty and confidence in themselves.

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