Monday, August 2, 2010

Rachel Hunter | New Zealand Supermodel Rachel Hunter
Rachel Hunter Life story

Born 9/9/1969, Rachel Hunter is a New Zealend native who started modeling at the age of 17 at the urging of her aunt. She got her big break starring in a Tip Top television advertisement and is still best known in New Zealand as the girl who licked that Trumpet ice cream -- inspiring thousands of young boys to spend their nights alone cleaning up the melted ice cream left on their sticks. She appeared in the pages of the SI Swimsuit Edition two years later at age 19. She then hooked up with rocker Rod Stewart, a man famous for countless number one hits and his gravity/logic-defying hair. She had two kids with him, but they divorced in 2005.

She left modeling in the 1990s to dedicate herself to acting. Though she has yet to have a break-out role, she has appeared in numerous reality TV shows. She’s hosted the British show Make Me A Supermodel. Stateside, she appeared on Dancing With The Stars (Josie Maran, Mel B, Jennie Garth) and Style Me With Rachel Hunter. Her Playboy pictorial also kept her name in the news and in the hearts of men all across the country.

She’s actually received most attention as of late for playing the MILF in the music video for Fountains of Wanye’s Stacey’s Mom. She plays a MILF (not stretch there) and reenacts the Phoebe Cates pool scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Jennifer Jason Leigh). It’s one of the few instances where the remake is as good as the original.


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