Friday, August 6, 2010

Patchrapa Chaichua | Thai hot Actress Patchrapa Chaichua
Patchrapa Chaichua, nickname Aum Thai: พัชราภา ไชยเชื้อ, born December 5, 1978, in Bangkok, Thailand, is a Thai actress. She entered the entertainment industry in 1997 when she placed 1st in a beauty and talent contest called HACKS. Aum Patchrapa was then signed with DIDA Entertainment, one of the most popular acting agency in Thailand, by her manager Ae Suphachai. The tv series that put Aum Patchrapa in the spotlight is So Sanae Ha in 2003. She played the lead role of Pralee. Aum won 2003 TOP Award for Best Leading Actress in So Sanae Ha. Fans voted that she had chemistry with Tana Suttikamol the most thus resulted in her having multiple series and a movie with him. She won her second TOP Award in 2005 for Pleung Payu which also starred Tana Suttikamol along her side. Since then she has been the highest paid actress in Thailand and still reigns on top today. Aum Patchrapa once again was nominated in "Top Awards 2006, for Best Leading Actress" for the lakorns Pin mook and Song Sanae, but sadly the award went to Ann Thongprasom for the lakorn Oum ruk. Besides her talent in acting, Aum Patchrapa is almost famous for her sexiness. She was voted FHM (Thai edition) sexiest woman for three consecutive years 2004, 2005, 2006 but in 2007 she was beaten by May Pichanart. She also has a talent in business management. Aum and a few other friends have a restaurant called D-Wa and an accessorie shop called Buon Fi-ne'. AUM PATCHRAPA has launched her own perfume in August 2009 SEXY ME by Patchrapa. The original Eau de parfum Made in France comes in round glamorous shape 100ml bottle with a ring and glittering. It is retailed 1.650baht (32€) in all 7/11 convenient stores. SEXY ME By Patchrapa is the first Thai celebrity perfume made in France.


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