Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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New York Model Management is a modeling agency based in New York City. New York Models started when Heinz Holba started L.A. Models (now its sister agency) in 1985. After operating international agencies, he opened New York Models in 1997. Marion Smith, the current vice president of New York Models, worked under Eileen Ford with world famous modeling agency Ford Models, Smith joined Holba in 2001. The current director of New York is Cory Bautista.

Fashion Models represented by New York (past and present)

* Sigrid Agren
* Atong Arjok
* Amanda Babin
* Michelle Babin
* Michael Bergin
* Melrose Bickerstaff
* Leticia Birkheuer
* Paige Butcher
* Monique Calhoun
* Will Chalker
* Lisa D'Amato
* Joanie Dodds
* Angie Everhart
* Corinne Hatch
* Julie Henderson
* Chantal Jones
* Kiara Kabukuru
* Holly Kiser
* Mathias Lauridsen
* Nicole Linkletter
* Elle MacPherson
* Eva Marcille
* Valeria Mazza
* Omahyra Mota
* Zuzana Snow
* Sarah Murdoch
* Audrey Quock
* Branden Rickman
* Fatima Siad
* Renee Simonsen
* Jessica Stam
* Saleisha Stowers
* Patricia van der Vliet
* April Wilkner
* Adrian Wilson


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