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Born in Hong Kong on July 16, 1984, One of eight siblings, Katrina Kaif was born to an Indian Kashmiri father and British mother, was brought up in Hawaii, and started modeling at the age of 14, when she was approached for a jewellery campaign. After that she continued modeling in London.

At the age of 14, Katrina Kaif started modeling for a jewellery campaign in London, and was subsequently discovered by filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, who gave her a part in his film Boom (2003). She did n--ude scenes in the film. She also supposedly slept with the producers and the director for getting the role. She moved to Mumbai and was offered a number of modelling assignments. However, filmmakers were at first hesitant to sign her because of her linguistic shortcomings. Films that did feature her usually had her voice dubbed over by a native speaker of the film's language.

Although linguistically challenged, Katrina puts on a bold face and states that other Bollywood artistes like Sridevi, who did not know Hindi, did get offers from Bollywood film-makers, and she is no different. She is taking Hindi and dancing lessons to fit in with the Bollywood culture. She likes to display a picture of her learning Kathak dancing where she used to dance 7 hours a year.
Despite of her soft looks, she is not easily intimidated, but admits that she is very emotional, almost an incurable romantic, wears comfortable revealing clothes when at home, hates to do her hair, and above all likes to put a lot of make-up. Admitting to being lonely in the beginning, but now has several nice friends who she can hang out with.

Although her first movie "Boom" was panned by the critics and shunned by the audiences, two other Telegu movies "Malliswari" and "Pidugu" did get her noticed. She grossed Rs.70 lakhs for Malliswari - making her top the list of the highest paid actresses during a South Indian movie debut.

Katrina has now made Bombay her base, and doesn't mind singing and dancing around trees while she's at it. Guys around the globe are dying to see the hot girl do steamy scenes and photoshoots again.. Lets hope she goes the bikini way as soon as possible.

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