Monday, August 2, 2010

Kathy Ireland | American Supermodel Bio Kathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland Life Story

Kathy Ireland was born in Santa Barbara, California ON 20/3/1963. Her genetic refusal to be ugly, her long legs and angular face made her a natural for the runway as well as glossy calendars made for storing in bins in your parents basement. But, the modeling world is a cruel one, and after a certain age, you are thrown out on the street like a drunken uncle who’s taken his shirt off at his nieces wedding reception. She has appeared on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Kathy had managed to make a name for herself in modeling, and she used that name to start Kathy Ireland Worldwide, which became one of the leading lifestyle designer and manufacturers in the country, but not worldwide. The company grew exponentially, and within years, it became a business that generated 1.4 billion dollars in yearly retail sales, making Kathy not only incredibly rich, but incredibly annoying. Yes, she joined the motivational speaker circuit, and much like Tony Robbins and Donald Trump, lazy people flocked from couches and parent’s basements around the globe to hear how they too could become CEO of a billion dollar corporation. Today, she spends her time with various non-profit organizations such as Help One Up, which ensures that no child sleeps on the floor, unless they have back problems, in which case they can sleep on one of several rugs offered in the Kathy Ireland Worldwide catalog.


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