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Kate Bosworth | American Actress | Biography, News and Rumors Kate Bosworth Hot Legs

Kate Bosworth bikini picture

Kate Bosworth Life Story

Kate Ann Bosworth is an american actrees born 1/2/1983

It was Kate Bosworth's love of horseback riding that lead her to the world of acting, after the producers of the film The Horse Whisperer went looking for a young actress who could also ride a horse. They found champion equestrian Kate at a New York casting call, and her part in the film helped get the attention of Hollywood. In 2002, she starred in the surfing movie Blue Crush with Michelle Rodriguez and showed off her darker side in indie films such as Rules of Attraction (Jessica Biel) and the John Holmes -inspired movie Wonderland. She made her first film with Kevin Spacey with 2004's Beyond the Sea, where she played Sandra Dee. A few years later, she would reunite with Spacey playing Lois Lane to his Lex Luthor in Superman Returns. Bosworth would make it a Spacey hat-trick by appearing with him in the 2008 release of 21.

Rumors spread of a possible eating disorder after Kate Bosworth was seen looking terribly thin in a bikini in 2006. Luckily, Bosworth appeared to put on some much needed weight by 2007, and all was forgiven. She was also born with sectoral heterochromia, meaning her eyes are two different colors.

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