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Jodie Marsh | UK Glamour Model Birthday:12/23/1978
Birthname:Jodie Louisa Marsh
Hookups:Nina, Calum Best, David Doyle, Fran Cosgrave, Niall Mckenna, Conor O\'Sullivan, Kenzie.
Hometown:Brentwood Essex UK, se.x and a lover of women
Job:Glamour model
Hobbies:nights out with friends
Country of Origin:United Kingdom

Following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, Jodie Marsh is famous for absolutely nothing other than she is really hot, has big and is willing to take her top off on red carpets.

Marsh was born in Brentwood, Essex in England to a middle-class family, her father John Marsh running his own scaffolding business. She has one younger brother, Jordan. In her autobiography "Keeping It Real" published in 2005, Marsh jokingly mentions that it is ironic that her brother shares his name with celebrity and glamour model Jordan with whom she has had a long-running feud.

Marsh's nose was disfigured as the result of a childhood hockey accident. During her schooling at Brentwood School, a public school (which attended with Frank Lampard) this made her, she claims, the target of bullying which caused her to consider suicide. She underwent plastic surgery at 15.

Some years later, Jodie Marsh entered the lap dance and stripping industry at the Stringfellow's nightclub. She also attempted to obtain work as a Page 3 girl, but was initially rejected, and has since framed the rejection letter.

Her big break came in January 2003 when she featured in ITV documentary Essex Wives.

Jodie Marsh glamour model
Jodie Marsh photoQuote:
“I've always said I want to be bigger than Jordan

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