Friday, August 6, 2010

Hustler hustler
Hustler is a monthly, pornographic, heterosexual men's magazine published in the United States. It was founded and is owned by Larry Flynt. Hustler is a hard-core pornography magazine.

Hustler was first published in July 1974. It came from Hustler Newsletter and The Hustler for Today's Man which was cheap advertising for Flynt's strip club businesses at the time. Managing and then executive editor Mike Foldes helped format the magazine and wrote several editorials for Flynt before he left the magazine in November 1975 to work for High Times magazine in New York City. Hustler headquarters at the time were in an apartment/office above the Hustler Club on Gay Street, two blocks from the Ohio state capitol building. The magazine grew from a shaky start, crossing the one-million sales mark with the publication of Jackie Onassis photographs in the fall of 1975, to capture a third of the U.S. pornographic magazine market. The magazine reached a peak circulation of three million. Current circulation is below 500,000. The publication's headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California.

Editor Larry Flynt
Categories Pornographic magazine
Frequency 13 / year
Circulation under 500,000
First issue July 1974
Company Larry Flynt Publications
Country United States
Language English
ISSN 0149-4635


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