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Aki Tomosaki | Japanese Actress & Hot Girl Aki Tomosaki
Aki Tomosaki (友崎亜希, Tomozaki Aki?) (born September 16, 1969) is a Japanese actress who has made a name for herself in the growing "mature woman" genre of the Japanese AV industry. The Japanese AV industry has awarded her for her work in this genre.

Life and career

Tomosaki made her AV debut in 2000, at the age of 30, and quickly became a very prolific actress. Since the inception of the Japanese AV industry in the early 1980s, the vast majority of AV actresses have made their debuts in their late teens. However, beginning in the mid-1990s, a niche for "mature women" models in AVs began to appear. Tomosaki's attractively motherly appearance and large breasts gave her a leading role opposite younger actors in many AVs with an incest theme. In December 2003, she appeared in the first videos released by the AV studio Madonna, now well known for their "mature woman" productions. She has been described as the veteran of over 250 adult videos, and a search at Amazon shows 148 DVDs listed for her. She has also performed in a number of "uncensored" videos, mostly sold in non-Japanese markets or underground in Japan, which do not have mosaic pixellation to obscure the genitals as is the case with standard Japanese x-rated videos. She continues to build on her status as an AV idol with her enduring appeal centering around her all-natural 39-inch (about one meter) H-cup bust. When asked how she has been able to shine in her field, Tomosaki replied, "I really think of something external that will get me excited. I really imagine something stimulating, like having se.x with my boyfriend. It is the only way you can do it because the viewer will know if it is not real. There is so much competition that guys know what the real thing is."

On March 15, 2007, the Japanese adult film industry recognized Tomosaki's career by awarding her the Best Mature Actress Award at the 2007 Japanese satellite TV Adult Broadcasting Awards.


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