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6 Tips To Become a Supermodel gisele bundchen highest payed model

Are you interested in modeling, and you want to know how to become a supermodel? Then read on. Modeling can be a fascinating and fun career if you are able to break into it. If you can, it might mean travelling and staying in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Yet, it can be quite difficult to break into. Thus, what should you know about how to become a supermodel?

Know the Difference Between a Supermodel and a Model

A supermodel refers to a specific industry and a specific level of success within modeling. Typically, a supermodel usually refers to high fashion models, who are extremely well paid, and internationally known. This differs from commercial models in that supermodels are usually associated with fashion designers and brands.
Supermodels History

The term was first coined in 1942 by Judith Cass in an article for the Chicago Tribune. The article was titled, “Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show.” After Cass used the term, it was used again a year later in an advice book about the modeling industry. It became a more and more common term throughout the sixties and seventies.

Most historians consider Lisa Fonssagrives to be the first supermodel. Throughout the thirties to the fifties, she graced the cover of a number of the high fashion magazines. She was on over two hundred Vogue covers, and she had household recognition. There is some contention that Dorian Leigh or Gia Carangi should be considered the first supermodels.

6 Tips On How to Become a Supermodel

1. Choose a specialty for yourself. If you are able to specialize, then the pool of competition that you are up against becomes smaller. For example, you have to work with the type of body that you have. If you wear a size ten or twelve, then you might consider going into plus size modeling. If you are less than five foot eight, then you might consider going into petite modeling. You need to evaluate your body’s strengths and weaknesses and work with them, not against them. There is a niche in modeling for a variety of different sizes, shapes, and heights.

2. Get signed by an agency if you want to pursue modeling. Your first step towards accomplishing this should be developing a portfolio of pictures of yourself. Your portfolio should have variety so that the agency can see how you model in a variety of poses, outfits, and backgrounds.

3. Research different agencies, and sign with the agency that best fits your needs. Be careful because certain agencies are better known and respected than others. Thus, do some research, and send your portfolio only to the agencies that match your needs and interests.

4.Attend open calls and go-sees for modeling. This can help you get signed by an agency, and can also help expand your portfolio. A go-see will help you become known to designers. You can find out about these open calls and go-sees on the Internet, or even browsing the want ads in your newspaper.

5.Take care of your body, skin, your hair, and every part of your body. Make sure that you are washing your face each night, and that you are using the correct type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Work with your doctor to develop a healthy eating regime, and workout regime.

6. Attend a modeling school. This will help you to know more about the career you want to pursue and put you into contact with prospective employers


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