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Top 10 Ugliest Female Celebrities List

Most of the time we talk about beautiful female celebrities, but does it mean that all female celebrities are hot and beautiful? The answer is no. I wish that was true but nature has it that we are different. Here is the list of women who did not have the pleasure of being called beautiful, nonetheless they have fought against the odds and succeeded in their profession. Here is then the list of the Top 10 Ugliest Female CelebritiesJocelyn

, sometimes referred to as “The Lion Queen” or “The Cat Woman,” is a wealthy socialite who has frequently been seen in the tabloid press due to her numerous cosmetic surgeries. Her extreme appearance has led to the press giving her the nickname “The Bride of Wildenstein,” a reference to The Bride of Frankenstein. Wildenstein has allegedly spent $3,933,800 on cosmetic surgery over the years.

sandra-bernhardSandra Bernhard is an American comedian, actress, author and singer. She first gained attention in the late 1970s with her stand-up comedy where she often bitterly critiques celebrity culture and political figures. She is also famous for her close friendship to Madonna during the late 1980s. Bernhard is number 97 on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 greatest standups of all time.

helen-clarkeHelen Clark became Prime Minister of New Zealand in December 1999 and entered her third successive term in that office in 2005. As of 2007, Forbes magazine ranked her as the 38th most powerful woman in the world. Listverse ranked her as the third most ugly.

cherCher is an Armenian-American actress, singer, songwriter, author and entertainer. Among her many accomplishments in music, television and film, she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award and three Golden Globe Awards. Cher first rose to prominence in 1965 as one half of the pop/rock duo Sonny & Cher.

whoopi-goldbergWoopi Goldberg is an American actress, comedian, radio DJ, and author. She is one of only ten individuals who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony Award, counting Daytime Emmy Awards. She is the second African American female performer to win an Academy Award for acting.

rhea-perlmanRheaPerlman is an American 4-time Emmy Award winning actress, best known for her role as Carla Tortelli on the sitcom Cheers. She is married to actor Danny DeVito, with whom she has three children.

kathy-burkeKathy Burke is an English actress and theatre director. Burke first became familiar to television audiences as a player of minor roles in sketches by better-known performers such as Harry Enfield, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

janet-renoJustify FullJanet Reno was the first female Attorney General of the United States (1993–2001). She was nominated by President Bill Clinton on February 11, 1993, and confirmed on March 11. She was the second longest serving Attorney General after William Wirt.

rosieRosie O’Donnell is an 11-time Emmy Award-winning American comedienne, talk show host, television personality, celebrity blogger, film, television, and stage actress.

camillaCamilla Parker-Bowles is the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the thrones of the United Kingdom and the other 15 Commonwealth Realms. She is a dedicated horse-rider and was an avid fox hunter until it was banned under the Hunting Act 2004.
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