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Rachel Stevens Bio Career Pics Rachel Stevens Model and SingerRachel Stevens Model and Singer

Rachel Stevens Model and Singer
Birthname:Rachel Lauren Stevens
Hookups:Jeremy Edwards, David Dein, Stephen Dorff
Jeremy Edwards, David Dein ...
Hometown:London, England
Job:Actress, Model, Singer
Country of Origin:United Kingdom

Rachel Stevens is one of the UK's hottest assets. Whether it's singing, acting, or modeling, this girl can get it done. She's also a holder of a Guiness World Record (most public appearences by a Pop Star in different cities in 24 hours)

Born to parents of Jewish heritage, Stevens had a knack for entertainment from a young age. At 5 she started to take acting lessons and by 11 made her film debut in a movie called Taking a Stand. At 15 she proved her hotness when she beat out thousands of other girls in a modeling contest sponsored by an English magazine. Following this victory of looks, Stevens quit high school to study at the London School of Fashion. Following her graduation from LSF, Stevens worked in PR for a while but got bored; after all her looks and talents were going to waste sitting behind a desk all day. When she was 19, Stevens auditioned for a new pop group called S-Club 7. To nobody's surprise, she was picked.

S-Club 7 was an international hit. The group, which was comprised of three males and three females, was managed by the same dude who managed the Spice Girls. With this kind of backing, the group was able to release several successful albums, star in their own TV show, and release a full length movie. In 2003 after a successful UK tour, the S Club broke up, and Stevens broke free. After the break up, Stevens released a succesful solo album called Funky Dory. Recently, however, Stevens has been focused solely on her acting career.

Stevens' love life has been topsy turvy. In 2002 she was engaged to actor Jeremy Edwards but they broke up after a short while. Since then, she's been linked to guys like Stephen Dorff and soccer player Freddie Ljungberg. Stevens is also an advocate for testicular cancer awareness.

Rachel Stevens Quotations

“Now boys, keep your eyes on me, and put one hand down your trousers.”

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